A Magical Wizardry High Tea Is Coming! So Grab Your Wizarding Robes And Prepare To Be Spellbound!

Potterheads, put October in your calendar because high tea is about to get riddikulus-ly good. A Wizardry  high tea is coming to SYDNEY, MELBOURNE & BRISBANE to a mysterious location. Perhaps you can only get to it by Magical Powder?


This event will take place on various dates. Click links to discover when one is taking place near you!


There will be three sessions each day. A morning and afternoon session is for all ages and a final evening session is for wizards and witches over the age of 18. This twilight session promises “wicked and cursed cocktails”. Sounds more thrilling than sneaking into the restricted section at the wizards Library!

Meanwhile, the sessions for all ages promises themed treats, like macarons, and refreshing glasses of potions for all. There will also be fun characters roaming around for you to interact with.

Go through your wardrobe and pull out your old Wizardry gear because there will be prizes for the best dressed.

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